The story of big hands
This is the story of a big monster that eat children in his free time .ones abound a Time there was teacher that hate children and he wanted to kill them but he couldn't because he love teaching. Ones there was this student that was very mean and very annoying with mr big hands so mr big hands kill him
When mr big hands kill the student the family of the student wanted to be justice for his life  so they when to find the killer but when they got to his house mr big hands wasn't there
He run away
Some people say that if you behave mad or you are a bad student Mr big hands will go and kill you
The end
My world

Colombia For my Colombia, it is the best country in the world, the diversity of lands, culture, food, parties and people is incredible, the capital is have many cities and towns colombia is located in south america winged panama and Venezuela is located dd a way gives access to 2 seas the Pacific and the aclantico you have a lot rivers and jungles and is characterized by having the best coffee i the world the people is very nice and friendly you always going to know that you are safe and happy in colombia .you can do a lot of things like going to up a mountain go to the many islands it have or going to the amazonas or going parachute in the many places it has .you can also go and  eat in the many restaurants it has  The gastronomic in Colombia is very good 

Barranquilla  Barranquilla is the best city in colombia the people and the culture is the best  The carnival is has the people is very nice there's always happening something in barranquilla there's alway…
My live 
my life my life is very boring I practically do nothing every day I get up to go to school ,I go to breakfast and from there I go brush my teeth and go to school where I am 7 hours assuming I pay attention to most things knowing that i don't understand nost of the things I lear  except in English which is my favorite subject. English is my favorite subject due to the fact that i learn a new language and learn new words after going to school. He came to my house where I had lunch and I fell asleep afterwards when I got up i  do homework